What is dowsing?

Dowsing is a powerful, ancient energetic system that connects you with a vast invisible field of information to answer almost any question you may have, assisting you in whatever you want to accomplish. Classically, you may have seen the image of a water dowser walking around with a wooden “Y-Rod” looking for a place to dig a water well, which is only one classic use of dowsing. Pendulums and “L-Rods” are two of the common tools dowsers can use to bring into physical reality valuable cosmic information, but it is actually you and your body that are true antenna to the infinite universe of knowledge. By learning dowsing techniques, your ability to explore the universe, helping yourself and others in uncountable ways, is only limited by your imagination.

Tucson Dowsers’ Master Dowser Marge Hefty offers the following:
A definition for dowsing: “Dowsing is a quest for information, with or without the assistance of a device such as a Y-Rod, L-Rod, bobber, or pendulum, through a means other than the five senses. This ‘other’ means is called intuition which is the immediate knowing or learning of something without the conscious use of reasoning. Our purpose is to learn to directly access this source of knowledge that informs the human subconscious and to use this intuitive information only for the highest good.”

A centering prayer for water dowsers: “Lord help me form my questions with clarity. Guide my hands and prepare my mind. Enhance my sensitivity and bless my purpose for only the highest good that I may be an instrument of your power and glory in locating what I am searching for. Lord, I give you thanks and gratitude for the pure water that I find.”