May 11, 2019 General Meeting from 1 – 3 pm Guest Speaker, Patricia Kirkman, “Intuitive Numerologist”

Intuitive Numerologist

Numerology is the oldest of the metaphysical arts. Whether you realize it or not, your life has revolved around numbers since the day you were born. Virtually every aspect of who you are can be represented by a number – weight, age, address, bank account, license plate and social security number. 

Nothing has done more to define your life’s purpose and set you on your spiritual path than the letters and numbers of your name.  

Using only your name and birth date, Patricia Kirkman can tell where you’ve been, where it went wrong, how you can get back on track, who is standing in your way, and point you in the right direction …  the rest is up to you.  Finding someone who’ll tell you what you want to hear is easy. Finding someone who’ll tell you the truth is better. Private. Discreet. Personal.