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Upcoming Tucson Dowsers 2018-2019 


November 10, 2018

Unity Church, 1 pm to 3pm

Suggested Donation of $5.00

Tucson Dowsers General Meeting
Presenting Speaker
Harold Sexson
“Energetic Clean Home for Health”

Learn how you check your home for geopathic zones. This talk shows you how to check your home for geopathic zones of all types, micro currents and overall EMI and RFI in the home.  Many times it has been shown that health problems for some persons are either caused by or negatively affected by these conditions. Most of these problems can be remedied by using dowsing (preferably “L” rods), simple electronic devices or rearranging some rooms in extreme cases.  These conditions also affect the sale ability of homes, especially those individuals that sense something feels wrong in the home but cannot put their finger on it.  

Some basic dowsing techniques will be shown to correct the geopathic zones, as well as a demonstration of how micro currents are read.  Also included will be some simple ways to check for RF. Some of the Dowsing has correlation with Feng Shui techniques

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