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Saturday, October 2, 2021 1:30 PM PDT

Tucson Dowsers Zoom Meeting

With Author, Dowser, Musician and Hypnotherapist

Alan Handelsman

Improving Focus, Amplifying Intention & Jump-Starting Intuition 

In this presentation, Alan will discuss several techniques to help achieve a more focused state of mind when dowsing, eliminate unwanted emotional energy, and amplify intention for better and more consistent results. 

The relationships of energy fields present during the dowsing process will be discussed, with an eye toward establishing harmony among them. 

This increased harmony can lead to clearer experiences of intuition, and better dowsing performance. You may even notice benefits when you aren’t dowsing.

Alan Handelsman – Bio

While you may know him as the author of such best-selling books as: 127 Things To Do Every Day To Simplify Your Life, and You Are Perfect The Way You Are: A Guide For Change, and Unconditional Love: Don’t Screw It Up, you may not know that Alan Handelsman was a professional musician for 30 years. 

He has been working as a hypnotherapist for over 21 years, has worked with energy for 27, and has been associated with dowsing for about 23 years. 

That doesn’t mean he is 102 years old, but that he’s been busy. In addition to working with private clients, he has taught in the US, Canada, England, Norway, Switzerland….and New Jersey.

Alan is known for going quickly to the heart of a problem, making the complicated simple, and for his warm, humorous style.


Mark Your Calendars

Saturday, November 6, 2021 1:30 PM PDT
Tucson Dowsers Zoom Meeting
Master Dowser Raymon Grace

In Raymon’s own words: 

The future is composed of thoughts not yet materialized. We have the choice to create our future or let it be created by our indecision. 

We have created our present by our thoughts, decisions and actions or by lack of the same. By the same method or lack of it, we will create our future. 

We have a choice of which future we create. If there is one single message for people who attend my classes it is this: 

You are not just victims of the elements and the politicians. You have a choice but having a choice is of little benefit unless you exercise it.

Raymon Grace – Bio

Raymon Grace, founder and president of Raymon Grace Foundation, is a dowser, lecturer and author of three books, The Future is Yours—Do Something About It, Techniques That Work For Me and Seasons of April

He has created over 60 DVDs sharing information learned over the past 45 years. His books have been printed in English, Italian, Chinese and Spanish. 

Raymon’s work is being used in several countries for improving water and other areas of self-improvement. His videos have reached people in 142 countries.  

He has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows including the well-known “Coast to Coast Am Radio.” He has been recognized by the Virginia Senate for his work.

Raymon is a down-to-earth, plain-spoken person who tells it as he sees it. His dress clothes are jeans and cowboy boots and he doesn’t own a suit and tie. 

He’s real.



Every Tuesday 7:00 PM PDT 

Tucson Dowsers meet on Zoom to aid in relief from Fires, Drought, and Heatwaves

Please consider joining us in inviting the Nature Spirits to bring rain in gentle, appropriate amounts to drought-stricken areas around the world, and to mitigate the impact of the heat wave on the West Coast and Northwestern United States and Southwestern Canada. It only takes about 15 minutes!

The Tuesday night link is the same link we use for our monthly meetings: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82722474993
Zoom Meeting ID: 827 2247 4993 

Don’t forget your pendulum!

(We have noticed that we seem to get a greater response in an affected area when people from that affected area participate in the dowsing, so please spread the word!)

Flagstaff Dowsing Conference

October 6-13, 2021

Join Dowsers from across the country in the cool pines of beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona.

Here is the link to register!  Flagstaff Dowsing Conference

Pre-Conference activities, October 6-7th, include a Vortex Tour of Sedona, AZ (also offered post-conference,) and Beginning and Advanced Dowsing Schools. 

Conference dates are October 8-10th. There will be 48 presentations to choose from!

Post-Conference activities, October 11-13, include half-day workshops on a variety of specialized dowsing topics and Sedona! 

Registration is now open. Rooms are still available at the conference site, the Little America Hotel, at a special conference rate.

Flagstaff Dowsing Conference


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