1. Old Newsletters from United Dowsers

Here are PDF scans of newsletters from an old dowser group in California call “United Dowsers” dating from the 1970’s. The organization was run by Sam “Lobo” Wolfe and their dowsing focus included techniques for treasure hunting. I hope you find this material of interest…it’s hard to find now. These documents were made available to the Tucson Dowsers through the curtsy of Ben Arbogast.










2. Stone Stories with Marilyn C. Phillips – Tucson Dowsers Meeting 2016/11/12

3. Building Your Immune System With Natural Antibiotics – From Sue Trumpfheller

Master Dowser Sue Trumpfheller has made available to the Tucson Dowsers a PDF version of a dowsing chart designed to allow you to pendulum dowse information about which natural antibiotic would be most beneficial in addressing a specified health condition for an individual. Formulate your health question, go to the chart with your pendulum, and quickly identify which natural antibiotic would be the most effective for that person and condition at that moment.


Sue’s web site is and her email is

4. Presenter Dan Davidson has offered documents to share with Tucson Dowsers.

There are six PDF document files that Dan has graciously offered to share with the Tucson Dowsers. Here they are:

  1. A PDF version of Dan’s Power Point presentation “Dowsing is One Method of Getting Inner Guidance” made at Tucson Dowsers General Meeting on October 14, 2017. This will be very useful in recounting the multitude of topics and detailed points Dan made during his talk.
  2. A PDF called “Etheric Protection of Treasures” which further details the principles behind and methods of dealing with various forms of psychic protection placed around hidden objects, a topic discussed briefly by Dan during his presentation.
  3. A PDF of Dan’s three page discussion/handout on the nature of the Higher Mental Body and it’s relationship to the Christ Self.
  4. A PDF description of the M3 “Miracle Manifestation Medallion” device.
  5. A PDF description of the P3 “Planet Purification Projector” device.
  6. A PDF describing both the AAD “Auric Aura Device” and the ARW “Auric Ray Wand” devices.

Dan Davidson’s web sites are and He can be contacted via email at

5.  Wisdom from TD from Marge Hefty on “THOUGHT FORMS”

When I am dowsing I concentrate on a picture in my mind’s eye of what i am looking for (a pair of car keys or an underground stream of potable water, etc.). So, where is your mental screen or mind’s eye? Just close you eyes and recall someone in your family, or a friend. You are using your mental screen. Mine seems to be just above my nose and in front of my eyes. Others have said theirs is just inside their forehead. When we picture an idea or dream, this is called a “thought form”. We all do this whether we realize it or not, like building something with our hands or gardening. Planning a meal or our day’s work are other examples.

It has been calculate that each one of us have out 60,000 thoughts per day. And it only takes one-seventh of a second for a thought we have to travel around the world and back to us. WOW!! During that short space of time look at all it passes thru; billion and billions of other through forms. If we are lucky, there are a lot of loving thoughts out there, but the opposite is truer.

Examine you own thoughts to test the waters and you will find that voice in your head is talking about negative things more than putting out loving vibrations. No wonder when we worry about an event that may or many not happen, our tears keep multiplying until we have a full blown panic attack. The thoughts keep picking up more negativity and our imagination takes over and runs wild. It is an undeniable fact that a person who sits home and fears being robbed day after day will draw a burglar walking down the street to their door. So, we need to learn to sing and dance while doing routine duties. When we do our grocery shopping, go ahead and bless the cereal boxes as we pass by. It certainly won’t hurt anyone and you will be pleasantly surprised at the effect on your own personal outlook.

Marge Hefty