How can I learn to dowse?

As dowsers we are supported by a vast number of experienced “Master Dowsers” who have brought much knowledge and precious experience to the craft of dowsing. A number of years ago Walt Woods, a well respected Master Dowser with ASD (the American Society of Dowsers), responded to a letter from a young woman name Robin. In answering that letter, Walt started a information sharing tradition among all dowser that has produced an invaluable starting point, a resource guide to understand and using dowsing personally.

From Walt’s initial effort, there has evolved a “Letter to Robin” web site devoted entirely to documenting the accepted basic principles of dowsing. This online resource is now filled it with the invaluable insights of many Master Dowsers. If you are interested in becoming a dowser, this is an excellent starting point to begin your journey in learning about dowsing.

To further aid you on your dowsing journey, Tucson Dowsers also offers a document from Walt Woods that is a companion to Letter to Robin called “Learning to Dowse – Student Guide and Teachers’ Syllabus” as a PDF file. We also have from “Letter to Robin” the “Pendulum Dowsing Multipurpose Form” dowsing chart as a PDF. Download these useful documents and get started dowsing today!