Tucson Dowsers is excited to host our December 4, 2021 Zoom meeting

Tucson Dowsers is excited to host our December 4, 2021 Zoom meeting

The time is 1:30 pm Pacific Time
Saturday, December 4, 2021.

Our special guest is Master Geomancer, Feng Shui Practitioner and Dowser Richard Feather Anderson.

Here is the Zoom Meeting Link:
Zoom Meeting ID: 827 2247 4993

Evolving with the Help of Labyrinths, Dowsing and Metaphysics

Have we realized the full potential of the connections between the seven circuits of the Ancient Labyrinth and the seven chakras, or states of consciousness?

The labyrinth can do more than merely relax and rejuvenate us, or stimulate new insights. Using the path’s unique, non-linear sequence through the chakras as a meditation could become one of our most effective exercises to shift humanity into a heart-centered consciousness.

We will explore the key role that the fourth circuit or “heart path” plays in the transformational power of the labyrinth, by decoding the geometrical structure of the path sequence; by making connections to the mystical messages within the Arthurian and Grail legends; and by learning how to use the 7 Questions Visioning Meditation, and augment it with dowsing. 

Bio – Richard Feather Anderson, B.Sc. Architecture is an internationally recognized pioneer in the revival of feng shui, geomancy, sacred geometry, and labyrinths and is one of the longest practicing geomancers in America, with over forty years of experience. 

He started one of the first geomancy training programs in America in 1985 and has been designated a feng shui master and luminary by Feng Shui Institute International.

Richard Feather Anderson 

2036 Nevada City Hwy #20 Grass Valley, CA 95945 530-272-7737 




2 thoughts on “Tucson Dowsers is excited to host our December 4, 2021 Zoom meeting

  1. Please email me the notes from today’s call

  2. Looking to find a good downer in Tucson

    Some years ago Marge Hefty
    Did dowsing for me

    I was sad to here she is no longer with us

    If you have the names of people that worked with her or others who work in the Tucson area I would appreciate info to get in touch with them

    Thank you
    Bob Bersbach. 520 548 7640

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