Tucson Dowsers is excited to host our One-Year Anniversary Zoom meeting

Tucson Dowsers is excited to host our One-Year Anniversary Zoom meeting
1:30 pm Pacific Daylight Time
Saturday, November 6, 2021
with special guest Master Dowser Raymon Grace.

In Raymon’s own words: 

The future is composed of thoughts not yet materialized. We have the choice to create our future or let it be created by our indecision. 


We have created our present by our thoughts, decisions and actions or by lack of the same. By the same method or lack of it, we will create our future. 


We have a choice of which future we create. If there is one single message for people who attend my classes, it is this: 


You are not just victims of the elements and the politicians. You have a choice, but having a choice is of little benefit unless you exercise it.

Here is the Zoom Meeting Link:


Zoom Meeting ID: 827 2247 4993

Raymon Grace – Bio

Raymon Grace, founder and president of Raymon Grace Foundation, is a dowser, lecturer and author of three books, The Future is Yours—Do Something About It, Techniques That Work For Me and Seasons of April

He has created over 60 DVDs sharing information learned over the past 45 years. His books have been printed in English, Italian, Chinese and Spanish. 

Raymon’s work is being used in several countries for improving water and other areas of self-improvement. His videos have reached people in 142 countries.  

He has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows including the well-known “Coast to Coast Am Radio.” He has been recognized by the Virginia Senate for his work.

Raymon is a down-to-earth, plain-spoken person who tells it as he sees it. His dress clothes are jeans and cowboy boots and he doesn’t own a suit and tie. 


He’s real.




4 thoughts on “Tucson Dowsers is excited to host our One-Year Anniversary Zoom meeting

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  1. Thank you Raymon … You are Amazing and a Blessing to the Universe. Appreciate you very much.
    Thank you Tucson Dowsers for bringing Raymon to us. You all are Rock Stars.

    Love & Appreciate you,
    Cathy Coultrip
    San Jose Chapter

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