Tucson Dowsers is excited to present Master Dowser Larry Bird at 1:30 pm Pacific Daylight Time*, Sat., April 3rd, 2021

Tucson Dowsers is excited to present Master Dowser Larry Bird at 1:30 pm Pacific Daylight Time*,  Sat., April 3rd, 2021

Saturday, April 3rd, 1:30 PM* Pacific Daylight Time – Zoom Meeting

Our Special Guest 

Master Dowser Larry Bird

Tucson Dowsers is excited to host our 6th Zoom meeting at a new time! 1:30 pm Pacific Daylight Time, Saturday, April 3, 2021. *Because Arizona does not change to Daylight Time we do not “spring forward.” California sprung forward and caught up with us. So now our time (Mountain Standard Time) is the same as Pacific Daylight Time. Our apologies for any inconvenience. Please adjust your schedule accordingly.

Here is the Zoom Meeting Link: 


Zoom Meeting ID: 827 2247 4993 

Dowsing the Bosnian Pyramids

Join Larry as he relates his journey of discovering hidden civilizations and ancient artifacts!

The pyramids in Bosnia are twice as high as the Egyptian Pyramids and are believed to predate the pyramids in Egypt by 20 thousand years! 

Larry has studied and dowsed the Bosnian Pyramids in an attempt to unveil the mystery surrounding these controversial structures. 

Larry Bird Bio

I was born in 1943 on the Pawnee Indian Reservation, in Oklahoma, where I lived with my grandparents who were dowsers of water and other things.

I was sent to Illinois, to live with my aunt, in the 5th grade. There I began to dowse water, field tile, and other objects in the ground, known and unknown.

 I dowsed with copper wires up through 1994, when I switched to TIG* welding rods — which changed my life. 

I dug down 14 feet for something I had dowsed with the TIG rods. These turned out to be nine stone skulls. These stone skulls opened the doors to worlds which I knew existed but had not found before.

Recently  I have been dowsing in Stonehenge and in Bosnia on the Pyramids and in the tunnels. These tunnels have revealed themselves to be underground passages where the Alien world now lives and operates, utilizing the Pyramids to transmit and receive their communications.

I am a minister, and to my interpretation of certain passages of the Bible, we are a part of the Alien world. I have discovered further evidence in collections of copper scrolls, left behind all over the world by the Templars of old. These scrolls have drawings of Aliens and additional information in the markings, which I am able to translate with my dowsing rods.

*TIG – tungsten inert gas

Larry’s areas of specialization: 

Ancient Wisdom & Spirituality, Earth Energy & Geopathic Stress, Lost Objects, Water Dowsing

Larry Bird


4 thoughts on “Tucson Dowsers is excited to present Master Dowser Larry Bird at 1:30 pm Pacific Daylight Time*, Sat., April 3rd, 2021

  1. hey !!
    french woman speaking, catherin, went to bosnia…
    wanting to have a look at larry bird speach, but could not enter zoom, may be it was too late when I came…Would that be replayed ? If you could send me the link, it would be really nice…thank you so much …

  2. Fabulous presentation today. Many thanks for all who made it possible and, of course, for Larry’s presentation.

  3. I live in central Illinois and I am trying to find someone locally that could dowse a good spot for a well on my property. I have done this myself but I am not confident of my findings before I spend a lot of money to dig an empty hole in the ground. I thought maybe you could relay this to someone or send me a contact. Thanks for your help.

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