Tucson Dowsers Presents, Third Generation Master Dowser Rob Thompson (Sat. 2/6, 1:30 MST)

Tucson Dowsers Presents, Third Generation Master Dowser Rob Thompson (Sat. 2/6, 1:30 MST)

Join us for a map Dowsing Adventure: Dowsing for Water, Oil and Treasure!

Our February 6th meeting featuring Master Dowser Rob Thompson, should be lots of fun!

First, we will be viewing a video of how Rob works as a Professional Dowser. Rob is hired by folks from around the world to locate water, oil, gas, and even treasure! In the video, Rob shows us his tools and demonstrates his techniques.

Rob will then join us live, to answer questions AND guide us through a map dowsing adventure! As a group we will dowse for: water in a vineyard, oil in a spot Edgar Cayce predicted, a shipwreck off the North Carolina Coast, and a buried treasure on an Island!  We may not get through them all but fear not Tucson Dowsers has the answer keys, and we will send them out later in the month with the recording link.

BIO – Rob Thompson is a third-generation dowser. He co-owned one of the largest drilling companies in Northern California for 10 years. He is a licensed contractor, holds an engineering contractor license and is the owner of THOMPSON BUILDERS, INC.  Rob’s goal is to find the best water location for his customers. He mainly dowses water wells in California.

However, Rob also locates oil, gas and minerals in other parts of the United States. He has helped more than 2,000 individuals and companies find water on their property in his 35 years as a dowser.

“There are a million theories on how dowsing works”, Thompson says. “The practice of dowsing is not an exact science. It’s an art that has worked for mankind for thousands of years before the study of science began. “

Thomas Edison when asked of the practice was quoted as replying, “What is Electricity? I don’t know either – but it’s there – so let’s use it.”

Rob comments that someday science will catch up with the dowsing practice and justify how it actually works. He feels a geologist can do a fine job of finding water when they can see volcanic crevices and shifts on the surface of land. However,  dowsers have the ability to be more accurate.

Rob Thompson is a proud member of: the American Society of Dowsers

Rob has also been featured in the following Media Publications:

  • Wall Street Journal
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • Channel 7 ABC Prime Time Documentary
  • Channel 2 KTVU News
  • UpBeat Times
  • Vineyard & Winery Manager Magazine

Contact Thomspon Well Location
Tel: (707) 546–2165


“Thanks to both the Greatest Dowsers – my uncle, Wayne Thompson and Laurie Wood of Napa County – for mentoring me in life.”  Rob Thompson

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