Rob Thompson Projects 1-4 Maps to Download

Rob Thompson Projects 1-4 Maps to Download

Projects 1-4 Instructions & Map for Rob Thompson.

Click the link to download all 4 maps and instructions in one four-page pdf. Good luck!

Download Projects 1-4 LARGE MAPS Rob Thompson.

This link has 4 maps, each one a full-page.


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5 thoughts on “Rob Thompson Projects 1-4 Maps to Download

  1. I get these notices too late to attend. Could you send them out earlier.
    Carol Gader
    603 381-4654
    941 251-7290
    President of Manasota Dowsers
    Bradenton, Fl

    • Hi Carol,

      We appreciate your feedback and will be working on sending out the newsletter sooner. This might help you going forward. Our monthly meeting and speaker series are always on the first Saturday of the month at 1:30 PM MST.

      The next one is 1:30 PM MST, Sat. March 6, 2021 – Master Dowser Gladys McCoy Co-founder of the Ozark Research Institute.

      Clearing the Path for Positive Change Using Dowsing and Your Words

      Gladys will share her “Blue Ink Method” an easy, straightforward technique to remove non-beneficial energies. With the use of Dowsing, Intention, and a little Blue Ink, you will learn how to clear homes, property, situations, and people so we can live a happier, healthier life! Plus more!

      Please save the date and we hope you can join us!

    • Hi Carol!
      To make it easy, our meetings are always on the first Saturday of the month.

      After the spring time change, they are held at 1:30 Pacific Daylight Time. (We open the room 20 minuyes early, at 1:10 pm for socializing.)
      And the link to the meeting is always the same:     
      Zoom Meeting ID: 827 2247 4993

      I hope to see you there April 3rd!

  2. Thanks for adding me to your list…I hope I can get in on the March meeting…I have attended Gladys and Harold McCoy’s Dowsing Conferences two or three times over 15 years ago, and I hope I can get in on the next meeting. I will be wearing one of my green “Ozark Research – Power of Thought” T-shirts that should be visible in my Zoom Camera! If I can’t get in on the call, just tell her that “Harmonica Harry” will try to be on the conference call …see if she an remember me! 15 or so years ago! ( I have always carried a harmonica with me since I bought my first one at 5 years of age – – 66 years ago!)

    Looking forward to March 6! Harry Rhodes Allen, TX

  3. Hi Tucson Dowsers,
    Thanks for having Gladys Mc Coy present today, I met & attended a workshop that Gladys presented at an ASD Conference in Flagstaff in 2011 , that was a great event and have kept in touch since then.
    I live in Tasmania, Australia (the land down under).
    Kind regards to all.
    Keep safe,
    Barry Mc Carthy

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