Tucson Dowsers Presents, Astrologer Brenda Wilson (Sat. 1/2, 1:30 PM MST)

Tucson Dowsers Presents, Astrologer Brenda Wilson (Sat. 1/2, 1:30 PM MST)

Tucson Dowsers Presents, Astrologer Brenda Wilson
“What the Stars Are Saying for 2021”.

Saturday, Jan. 2nd, 1:30 PM MST, Brenda Wilson brings her own unique astrological interpretation of the movement of the stars based on decades of spiritual study and charting. She will discuss the major planetary influences we will see in 2021 and how those energies will affect our lives.

Wilson’s approach shows us how the grand movements of the planets offer opportunities for the evolution of the earth, humanity, our governments, communities, relationships and our personal life experience. And how the choices we make in utilizing these opportunities can reverberate back through our lives, relationships, communities, governments, humanity and even to the earth.  It’s a great dance and as dowsers, knowing what energies are afoot can inform the choices we make in our earthly journey.

Wilson will cover 

  • Planetary energies 

    • They are not good or bad

    • We have the use of our free will to choose what to do with them.

    • How awareness of the energies can be very helpful.

  • Last year’s influence of Saturn in Capricorn

  • The opportunities presented by Saturn’s move into Aquarius in 2021

  • How the Planets are asking us to change 

    • Some keys to working with these energies

    • How to position ourselves to navigate the coming changes

    • How to take advantage of the help the planets are offering us 

We are excited to learn what opportunities are coming in 2021 and we invite you to join us at 1:30 pm MST (12:30 PST, 3:30 EST) this Saturday, January 2nd. 

Zoom Meeting Link:

Zoom Meeting ID: 827 2247 4993 

BIO: Astrologer Brenda Wilson

Growing up in rural Montana, Brenda’s life revolved around agriculture. This led her to become a commodities broker. She does technical analysis of the futures markets; which means she looks at the charts. Interestingly, Brenda found lots of mathematical similarities between astrology charts and charts of the markets.

Her interest in Astrology came later in life. She was in her early 40’s when she had her first reading. Until then, she thought that the information for any of the signs of the horoscopes fit her just as well, and sometimes better, than reading about her Aries Sun sign. 

Brenda was amazed at the information in that first reading and wished that she had known this information in her younger years. 

She went on take a course on Astrology and the Markets. After completing the course, Brenda realized that ‘traditional’ astrology was not for her. She then asked Sheryl Mooney, who has since passed, if she would be willing to take her on as a student.  

Brenda credits Sheryl for the basis of the astrology that she does today. She has gone on to evolve her own unique approach.  “It is a field that is continually evolving and changing, so there is always more to discover and learn.” 

“I find being aware of the planets energies is a great help in all aspects of my life and gives me a greater understanding of those around me. 

I tell everyone who comes to me for a first-time astrology reading that once you open the door of awareness to these energies, there is no turning back.”

Astrologer Brenda Wilson offers individual astrological readings: please email: futuresbw@gmail.com

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