Tucson Dowsers PRESIDENT ELECTION in August 2020! A letter from the Treasurer…

It’s time to elect a new president for the Tucson Dowsers. Below is a letter from the Tucson Dowsers Treasurer Carol Dickman discussing the process.


Dear Tucson Dowsers,

I hope this letter finds you well and safe.  Although the Tucson Dowsers remain unable to physically meet, I would like to get everyone current on a few things.

Hopefully many of you were able to enjoy the virtual ASD National Conference in June and the West Coast Conference (normally in Santa Cruz) the first week of July.  All of these new formats are a challenge but exciting as the valuable information continues to get to us.

Before the COVID 19 shelter in place restrictions, elections were not held for the next terms of the offices of president, vice president and secretary for the Tucson Chapter of the nonprofit American Society of Dowsers.  The very successful term of Karreen Martin in rebuilding the chapter has ended.  Our member, Theresa Gonzalez, has volunteered for the position as acting president, bringing interesting and dynamic ideas for expanding dowsing learning to even more people using multiple venues/streaming, speakers and media.  Olga Lara has offered to continue as Chapter Secretary.  Formal elections or voting by ASD members only for these positions will be held when we can reconvene, hopefully in the late fall.  If not, perhaps we can have electronic voting.  In any case, please submit any additional names and bios for more nominations to me by Aug 15, 2020 in order to vote by the end of the month.

Please consider becoming a member to support the American Society of Dowsers in their mission of keeping dowsing alive and well.  Check the website for more information.  Members vote for their chapter leaders and get a 10% discount on conference fees and purchases from national and chapter bookstores.  The Southwest Conference will be held in Flagstaff, AZ, in 10/2021!

Although the financial health of the Chapter remains stable, the current general meeting donations do not cover costs of the speakers, tech support and platforms and the venue rental at Unity.  Income for 2019/2020 was $987.50 and Expenses $1232.76 with a deficit of $255.26.  However, the attendance has grown to an average of 26 members.

The goal remains to support all of the efforts to continue growing the Tucson Dowsing Chapter while responsibly covering our costs.  New ideas, interest and volunteers are encouraged and welcome.

Hope to see all of you soon.

Carol Dickman,

Treasurer, Tucson Dowsers



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