Tucson Dowsers in the days of COVID! PLEASE READ…

We are in a challenging situation, and as they say, “Every challenge brings an opportunity!”

Because of COVID we have lost momentum and prudently, we haven’t held our regular General Meetings for three months. Unfortunately, if our community does not hear from us, they aren’t clear on what is going on, what we are doing, and could forget about Tucson Dowsers. So, there is a need to communicate and explore our opportunities and challenges.

It used to be unusual, and is now commonplace, to have meetings online. For a quite a while, I have been excited by the idea that we could bring international speakers to our traditional Tucson Dowsers meetings in a livestream format. This is even easier now as we can have our General Meetings online!

We may need to have at least some of our regular General Meetings online, which may involve technical challenges.

The good news is that anyone with a computer or cell phone has the tools and technology to attend an online meeting. Zoom is one option for having online meetings.

If we hold Zoom meetings, we may need to provide education and some technical support to our community.

Kathleen Gonzalez has volunteered to provide some instruction about Zoom for Tucson Dowsers.

Tucson Dowsers will continue to support everyone by sending out our monthly Newsletter and posting information on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure you have signed up for our Newsletter email list by going to our web page at “Join Our Email List!

Also, so you can communicate with us directly, we will regularly access our email account (tucsondowsers@gmail.com) and make sure that we are responding to all emails that come to us.

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