From Dr. Theresa Gonzalez DVM, for your consideration as President of Tucson Dowsers


This summer of 2020, Dr. Theresa Gonzalez DVM is currently the acting President of the Tucson Dowsers, the position is elected by ASD members and will be in effect for two years. Only ASD members will be able to officially vote on the President position for the Tucson Dowsers ASD Chapter.

For your consideration, Theresa has provided two documents to aid you in evaluating her bid for the position of President. Links to the two documents are available below. You can view them online, download the PDF files, or read the document text in the section below:

Theresa Gonzalez DVM Bio For Tucson Dowsers.pdf

Theresa Gonzalez Mission Statement.pdf

Below is the text of the two Documents:

Dr. Theresa Gonzalez DVM

After 10 years as a wildlife biologist in the Southwest, Dr. Gonzalez pursued her dream of becoming a Veterinarian in 1986 only to find she was disappointed in the standard, 1990’s, approach to treating animals by masking symptoms with painkillers and steroids.

An opportunity opened up for her to study Healing Touch for Animals. With the encouragement of the nurse-instructors, who had seen amazing results with their human hospital patients, she continued to advanced training. Once her eyes were opened to alternative healing methods an amazing path opened up.

Opportunities appeared for education and training with teachers that were top in their fields. Dr. Gonzalez’ willingness to explore these alternative healing methods led to her working with Hazel Parcels, a pioneer in distance healing, Dr. Richard Pitcairn who taught homeopathy for animals, and Dr, Donald Epstein who developed network chiropractic. Studies with the developers of Matrix Energetics, Reconnective Therapy, Organ Regeneration, Tellington Touch, Simply Healed, Bengston Technique, and studies in Acupuncture, Reiki, EFT and other modalities has led to her current study of geopathic dowsing.

A member of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, Dr Gonzalez learned how to muscle test and use a pendulum for healing from Hazel Parcells in 1990, and has been using both as key tools in her 29 -year practice with dogs, cats, horses, birds, rabbits, hamsters, pigs, goats and even lizards!

Theresa Gonzalez Mission Statement

I am passionate about Dowsing. I have been passionate about it and sharing my knowledge ever since I learned it from Hazel Parcels in 1990.

Dowsing is one of the primary tools I use every day in my work as a Veterinarian. And I know many health practitioners who use Dowsing as a tool in their practice.

It is one of the most empowering tools we can have to navigate our lives.

Now more than ever, with the unreliability of the massive amounts of information we have, it is important for the knowledge of Dowsing to be shared and taught and refined .

I am excited that I have met so many Dowsers here in Tucson and across the country in the last two years since joining the Tucson Dowsers and attending the West Coast Dowsing Conference.

A wonderful surprise has been the amount of new Dowsing skills and techniques I have learned since joining Tucson Dowsers. The content has opened my eyes and I am excited to get to know new people who are using Dowsing in so many useful and creative ways.

In the past two years my involvement with the Tucson Dowsers has steadily increased. I have now been attending Board meetings for a year. Recognizing the dedication of the Board and grateful to them for keeping this organization alive, I would like to submit my name for consideration for the role of President.

I am focused and passionate about growing Tucson Dowsers so that we can all increase our knowledge, gain new skills and expand the network of Dowsers locally, nationally and worldwide.

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