March 9, 2019 General Meeting from 1-3PM Guest Speaker “Elizabeth Weedn”

See Auras and Bend Spoons

Elizabeth Weedn is a real estate professional who has been exploring the power of the mind for over three decades. Experiencing the “impossible” made all the difference for her. Elizabeth passes this hands-on experience of energy to all who choose to join the fun! See Auras, Bend Spoons! We will use the power of the mind to see energy (auras), feel energy, and then use this energy to bend (or break) spoons, lift each other on fingertips, etc. This is the same energy we use for dowsing, so this is cross-training for the dowsing mind. We will strengthen our belief systems and our ability to work with energy for whatever applications we choose. Yes, we will discuss practical uses which improve our lives. Doing is believing! Come join the fun!

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