Basic Dowsing and Energy Class, January 25, 2019 in Green Valley

Basic Dowsing and Energy Class

January 25, 2019, 9AM to 1PM, $40
101 S La Canada Dr. #13
Green Valley, AZ

This hands-on class will include a variety of dowsing practices and exercises. Practice dowsing tools, charts and other resources will be provided for classroom use (please bring your own pendulum if you have one).

Learn how to use basic dowsing tools, such as pendulum and L-rods, and practice dowsing for the benefit of yourself and others:
Make important life decisions; purchases, relocation, vocations, etc.
Find lost items, such as pets, keys, and other objects
Choose the healthiest foods, supplements and environment
Clear and shift the energy of your space, such as home and land
Measure the energy in almost any situation, supporting your decisions

Learn to balance your chakras:
Bring in transformational energies
Pick the best crystals for any purpose
Dowse to find and connect beneficial Earth energies
Device-less or body dowsing techniques

Dan Brock – Multitalented, experienced dowser and educator, Tucson based
Deb Peterson – Experienced dowser, energy therapist, and Earth healer

Space is limited, pre-registration is requested. To register, contact Deb at 509-262-4685, email her at, or go to

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