January 12, 2018 General Meeting from 1 to 3 pm Guest Speaker “Doug Anderson”

“Map and Water Dowsing” 

January 12, 2018 from 1pm to 3pm

My adventure of dowsing started in Benson, AZ, in 1968.  Working for the phone company. I was called out to locate a phone cable. A teacher from Benson was using a set of L Rods, and I was using a old buzzer box. The teacher was faster and more accurate than I. So, he offered to show me how the use the L Rods. My supervisor at the time did not care how I located the cable, but I still had to dig down and put my hands around the cable to verify the location. In the following two years the L Rods never failed me. If it works just use it.

I have held the office of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Librarian and Instructor for the Idaho chapter of Dowisng

I have successfully dowsed for water in the states of AK, WA, OR, MT, AZ and ID.

Doug Anderson                  208-841-0474

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