Sky Dowsers Obituary

Maggie Disbury, wife of former TDS President Brian Disbury, passed away suddenly in early August, 2018, in Florida of natural causes.  She was planning a trip to her home in England with her son, Mark, near the time of her death.

Paul Sphar passed away in July, 2018

At the first meeting of the Tucson Dowsers, ASD, Paul and Dorie Sphar were present to help form the new chapter.  Over the years he never missed many meetings and helped out, where he could. Often times giving instruction and demonstrations.  Everyone always enjoyed his experiences of dowsing.  Paul was one of TSD speakers at the end of 2016, which was recorded and will be posted on the website, in the near future. We always appreciated learning some of his practices.  In January of this year, 2018,  Paul moved to Phoenix and lived with his niece, Evon Lunde.  Evon called Marge Hefty to inform her of his death and a memorial service is being planned for Saturday, December 1st at 10:00 AM at, Tucson Estates mobile home park on Kinney Rd, just north of Ajo Rd.  It will be held in the recreation hall at the southern end of the property.

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