December 8th General Meeting from 1 to 3 pm. Presenting Sue Trumpfheller

December 9th Workshop (10am to 3pm)

The Power of Intention in Dowsing 
Clarifying Intention to Conscious Dowsing

Sue Trumpfheller, an author coach, teacher and a dowser for many years. She has spoken and teaches color, dowsing, labyrinths. Her books include 99 Ways to Use a Pendulum, Discover the Pendulum and Discover Color. She is currently working with water issues and a movie. Sue uses intentions with her coaching clients to assist them and to empower their decisions. Her chi energy Products – Designs for Your Well- being are based on her knowledge of the power of intentions. 

Let’s discover the Why and How
Creating intentions will improve your dowsing No matter the project or question. Having clear and well defined intention(s) enhances how you word your question. It also improves your accuracy, the truth.
Intentions define the questions. I’ll share lots of examples of how intentions work. Let’s get interactive and clarify and fine tune your projects. I’ve done this before and the results were amazing. Everyone learns from others projects. We will explore the WHY of dowsing too.

A former trustee with the American Society of Dowsers, she was chosen as their 2003 Dowser of the Year. She is currently on the board of Earth Water Alliance, a non-profit. Sue lives in San Jacinto, Ca. contact Sue at if you have questions

WORKSHOP DETAILS, December 9, 2018 from 10am to 3pm

Empowerment through Dowsing
22 Tips for Saving Time, Saving Money, Staying Healthy

We’ll be drawing on ancient wisdom to reawaken us to tap into our body’s natural subtle energies as we make the smallest to the biggest choices every day. Whether it’s buying the right brand of aspirin or deciding where to go on vacation, Dowsing is the resource you need. And, the best part is you learn new ways to approach old problems.

Workshop Location: Ward 3, 1510 E Grant Road, from  10:00 to 12:00 and 1:00 to 3:00 bring your lunch or catch a quick meal in the neighborhood. Class fee $54.00 (949.300.3545 or 951.487.2054

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