Volunteers and New Council Members Needed…Please Help Us Make A Difference!

Tucson Dowsers (TD) is NOW seeking volunteer support and new council members who will span the coming years in support of our mission. The TD Council is currently composed of the following individuals:

Barrie Herr – President
Carol Dickman – Treasurer
Karreen Martin – Secretary
Dan Brock – VP of Technology
Marge Hefty – Council Member Emeritus, Historian, and Consultant

In addition to an immediate need for volunteers to assist with a variety of activities, this June some of the TD Council members will be stepping down, requiring us to actively seeking new council members. At the General Meetings, nominations for the open council positions will be accepted in March, then in April a vote will be taken on the individuals nominated to takeover certain council positions. Please note that joining the TD Council is generally a two-year commitment. The new council will take over responsibilities for TD beginning in June of 2018.

Please help us in this critical mission to support TD with active, committed volunteers, and to have a successful transition to a new a TD Council this June. Everything changes, people come and go from all organizations, and TD is now in the need of your help so we may continue to function and grow.

Over the past two years, TD has experienced attendance growth at our General Meetings. To continue this successful trend, we depend greatly on the commitment of our council, members, attendees, and all volunteers who support our mission; to educate the Tucson community on the wonders of dowsing and more.

If you would like more information on volunteering with TD, please contact our President Barrie Herr barrie@tucsonmoves.com 520-235-3955, or our Treasurer Carol Dickman cdtucson1@yahoo.com 520-861-7493.

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